Seventh-Day Adventist Church

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Portrait"On assignment to a local church, the ordained Pastor is assisted by the local elders. By virtue of ordination, the pastor is qualified to function in all rites and ceremonies. The pastor should be the congregation’s spiritual leader and adviser. Pastors should instruct the officers in their duties and plan with them for all lines of church work and activity.

The pastor is a member of the church board and serves as its chairperson. If the pastor desires to be relieved of the responsibility of acting as chairperson of the board, an elder serves as chairperson in cooperation with the pastor.  The pastor, with the assistance of the elders, is expected to plan for and lead out in all spiritual services, such as Sabbath morning worship and prayer meeting, and should officiate at the Communion Service and Baptism.

Pastors should not surround themselves with any special body of counselors of their own choosing, but always co-operate with the elected officers. When an evangelist is asked to conduct an evangelistic effort where there is a church,  the pastor will assist the evangelist, thus giving the pastor an opportunity to become acquainted with prospective members.

Pastors or assistant pastors are not nominated or elected to such positions by the church. Their connection with the church is by appointment of the conference committee, and such appointments may be changed at any time. A pastor may be removed from office by conference committee action without the individual’s church membership being affected. But when a pastor is removed from church membership and subsequently restored to membership as a layperson, the pastor’s membership restoration does not mean restoration to the ministry."(See SDA Church Manual p. 72.)

 Anthony Baugh, Local Church Pastor