Seventh-Day Adventist Church

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Church Administration

Term of Office

The term of office for officers of both the church and its auxiliary organizations shall be one year, except where the church in a business meeting votes to have elections every two years in order to facilitate continuity and development of spiritual gifts and eliminate the work involved in having yearly elections. While it is not advisable for one person to serve indefinitely in a particular position, officers may be reelected.

Choosing quality officers is important for the prosperity of the church, which should exercise the greatest care when calling men and women into positions of sacred responsibility. ~ Church Manual



For the year 2019

[Photo by: Phillip E. L. Castel & Chad Smith]


 Pastor Anthony Baugh


Donald Pearson


Pastor Anthony Baugh - Chairman
Donald Pearson Sharon Edwards
Collin Lyons Kaylee Bailey-Williams
Phillip Castell Christine Mundle
Mordecai Bernard Winsome Dale
Seymour Morris Jennifer Morris 
Isaac Reid
Chad Smith
Courtney Berry Courtney Berry/Winnie Berry
Albert Braham Yvette Castell
Derrick Victory Marjorie Blagrove-Williams
Christopher Lewis Ilene Brown
Joseph Thompson
Lloyd McLarty 
Hulson Walters Lorna Grey Largie
Toussaint James Mario Jackson
Paula Brown
Stephen Williams Claudette Whyte Henry
Mark Haye
Mark McKnight  
 Wilton Bailey  
 Melita Allen  

Church Secretrary: Jennifer Robinson-Reid