Seventh-Day Adventist Church

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Church Administration

Term of Office

The term of office for officers of both the church and its auxiliary organizations shall be one year, except where the church in a business meeting votes to have elections every two years in order to facilitate continuity and development of spiritual gifts and eliminate the work involved in having yearly elections. While it is not advisable for one person to serve indefinitely in a particular position, officers may be reelected.

Choosing quality officers is important for the prosperity of the church, which should exercise the greatest care when calling men and women into positions of sacred responsibility. ~ Church Manual



For the year 2017

[Photo by: Phillip E. L. Castel & Chad Smith]


 Pastor Samuel Lewis

E. Joseph Thompson

Donald Pearson


Pastor Samuel Lewis - Chairman
Donald Pearson Marcia Bryan
E. Joseph Thompson Winsome Clemetson
Phillip Castell Yvette Green
Mordecai Bernard Winsome Dale
Seymour Morris Jennifer Morris
Isaac Reid
Chad Smith
Courtney Berry Calvert Mundle/Christine Mundle
Albert Braham Tanya Ralph
Derrick Victory Marjorie Blagrove-Williams
Christopher Lewis Suzanne Stewart
Collin Lyons Lloyd McLarty 
Garry McLean Leon Sinclair 
Hulson Walters Claudette Whyte Henry
  Paula Brown
 Melita Allen Natalie McKenzie
Ilene Brown
Shurnette Braham
Peggy Harris Lorna Gray Largie
Joyce Blackman Stacie Dennis

Church Secretrary: Jennifer Robinson-Reid


Church Officers for 2016
Pastor Samuel Lewis
First Elder   Donald Pearson
Second Elder   Joseph   Thompson
Other Elders   Phillip Castell
      Mordecai Bernard
      Seymour Morris
      Isaac Reid
      Courtney Berry
      Collin  Lyons
Elders in Training      
      Christopher Lewis
      Albert Braham
      Garry McLean 
 Other Church Leaders   Rhona Rhone
Peggy Harris
Church Clerk   Marcia Bryan
Assistants church clerks Sharon Edwards
      Joan Witter
      Windon Blake
Head Deacon   Hudson Walters
Assistant Head Deacons   Stephen Davis
Other Deacons   Johnathan East
Radcliffe  Whitely
      Cleve Jones
      Amos James
      Calvin Payne
      Cleophas Mitchell
      Samuel Blackman
      Raymond Preston
      Stephen Davis
      Derrick Hall
      John Ellis
      Lloyd McLarty
      Bernard Ewers
      Peter Henry
Herbert Williams
      Raphell McCalla
      Jerome Williamson
      Wilton Bailey
Keneil Smith
Treasurery   Bernard
      Hulson Walters
      Lorna Gray Largie
      Ouida Dunn
      Sharon Thompson
Dellis Anderson
Head Deaconess   Melita Allen
      Melita Dennis
Other Deaconess   Yvonne East
Janice  Ellis
      Sharon Bryan
      Ruby Sinclair
      Rose Bowen
      Joyce McCarty
      Coleen Maragh
      Jassett Young
      Hyacinth Bryson
      Florence Smellie
      Enmancia Williams
      Sandra Francis
      Joan Witter
      Angella Banton
      Joyce Blackman
      Peaches Gordon
      Phyllis Thompson
Sabbath School Superintendent Paula Brown    
Assistant S/S Superintendents Charmaine Webber
      Barbara Nesbeth
      Julian Taffe
Sabbath School Head Secretary Stacie Dennis
Assistant Secretaries Jacinth  Williams
      Michelle Beckford
      Joan Fraser
Personal Ministries Leader Peggy Harris
Assistant P/M Leaders Albert Braham
      Lois McCalla
      Derrick Victory
      Donald  Pearson
Personal Ministry Secretary    
Assistant P/M Secretaries Claudette White
      Andrea Clemetson
      Camille Hanson
Community Service Leader   Joyce Blackman    
Assistant C/S Leaders Wilton Bailey
      Euline Larax
Women's Ministry Leader Winsome Clemetson
 Assistant W/M Leader Khaylee Bailey-Williams
      Dolrez Crossdale
Adventist Youth Society Leader Winsome Coley    
Assistant AYS Leaders Ilean Green
      Munair Dicks
A Y S Head Secretary Mourecia Morris
A Y S Assistant Secretary    
      Windon Blake
      Nicole Lewis
Pathfinder Director
Assistant P\F Directors Tameko Smith
      Leon Sinclair
      Garry McLean
Adventurer's Director
Assistant Adv. Director
Education Director
Assistant Education Directors Yvette Green
      Winsome Dale
Family Life Director
Assistant F/L Director
Health Ministries Director Ilene Brown
Assistant H/M Director Phillip Brown
Communications Director Chad Smith
Assistant Com. Directors Marsha Ashley
      Rohan Sinclair
Spirit of Prophecy Leader Andrea Rowe
Assistant Leader  
Conservation  Leader Derick Victory
Assistant Conserv. Leader Albert Braham
Stewardship Director Dellis Anderson
Assistant Stw. Directors Joseph Thompson
      Rhona Rhone
Men's Ministry Director Courtney Berry
Assistant M/M Directors Stephen Williams
Publishing Director Marjorie Blagrove-Williams
Assistant Pub. Directors    
Children's Ministry Director Donna Brown
Assistant C/Min. Directors Sharnette Braham
Usher Leader   Christine Mundle
Assistant Usher Leader Joan Dennis
      Rohan Marsh
Music Director   Hillorie Walters
Assistant Music Directors Leon Sinclair
      Hulda Cunningham
Divisional Leader (cnr.stone)   Mark McKnight    
Assistant Leaders (cnr.stone) Dion Henry
Divisional Leader (Jnr) Annette Whyte
Assistant Leaders   Seymore Morris
      Faithlyn Dicks
Religious Liberty Leader Christopher Lewis
Assistant R/L Leader Denise Maxwell
Risk Management Director   Garry McLean
Assistant R/M Director Mordecai Bernard
Senior Choir Leader Ruby Sinclair
Assistant S/Choir Leader Lois McCalla
      Vivine Diviney
Youth Choir Leader Leon Sinclair
Assistant Y/C Leader Mario Jackson
      Jewel Landells
Children's Choir Leader Mourecia Morris
      Tameko Smith
      Mario Jackson
Church's  Musician   Hillorie Walters
Interest Coordinator   Albert Braham