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NHSHA History

History of the New Haven Seventh-day Adventist Church

From what was, to what is...the New Haven SDA church is firmly rooted, as ideologies remain unchanged, though mass transitions have taken place to its structure. The New Haven S.D.A. Church was considered the “Brain Child” of J. C. Palmer who was the Evangelist of a massive campaign held in the Marverly Park in July 1971 in conjunction with the East Jamaica Conference. The campaign lasted for approximately three months with an abundant harvest of four hundred souls being baptized for the Lord. The members from the campaign were organized into an independent church since the effort was that of a combination of churches. Two lots of land were bought where the current New Haven S.D.A. Church now stands at 17-19 Columbus Drive, New Haven. A temporary building of zinc and board was erected for worship. Sometime later an additional lot was purchased which now houses the Levi .H. Davidson Multipurpose Centre which has the NHSDA Basic School, the Care Taker’s Lodge, the Community Services Room, Pathfinder’s Room and a kitchen.

Charter members were engaged from mother corporate area churches such as Hagley Park, Kencot, Washington Gardens and Penwood to take over the leadership of the new church. Through the united efforts of Pastor Woodburn, the Lay Activities Leader, Bro. Taylor and transferred members from other churches, who found it more convenient to worship nearer their residence, the membership increased considerably. By the end of the second year over 600 persons were on record. It was now quite obvious that a larger and permanent building had become a necessity.

Within the congregation could be found a Building Contractor, a Pharmacist, Masons, Carpenters, Nurses, Teachers, Secretaries, Accountants, Salesmen and a host of strong able-bodied men, women and youth. They all came together with equally strong determination and zeal with willing hearts and hands to build an edifice. Although they experienced setbacks and disappointments through the years, a vibrant young church with its enthusiastic Pastors: Woodburn, Douglas, Walton, Gordon, & Davidson saw the completion of this wonderful edifice which was dedicated to God in 1983. The church continued to be nurtured under the Pastoral leadership of Pastors: Grover Hyatt, Devon Osbourne, Ucall Harris, Linton Williams, Samuel Lewin, Leabert Williams, Daviceto Swaby, Meric D. Walker and now Errol Griffiths. This church stands as a beacon and will continue to minister to the community and its environs until Jesus comes.